Chris Frost is a sculptor living and working
in Somerville, MA. His work has been exhibited and
collected in museums and art institutions throughout
the New England area. His indoor and outdoor
sculpture is part of many private and
corporate collections.

He began his education at Bates College in
Lewiston, Maine and then to Parsons School of
Design, Paris, France. He received a masters degree
from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

His work revolves around the everyday object.
The object as art. Exploring the object through
material, scale, juxtaposition, and context.
Encountering the ordinary (be it hat, fish or
castle) through a new perspective can create
unexpected, humorous and dynamic interpretations.

In his public artwork the 'object as art' combines
with specific histories of the artwork's location.
The inclusion of local history creates a narrative
which connects the artwork to the community
and the site.
book upon request